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“Hardcore Closer”- Ryan Stewman uses his strength to empower a struggling Dallas Mom

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

People can be mean and ruthless behind the protection of a computer or mobile screen, but that doesn't fly in our community.

We had a single Mom with three kids join the Intellihelp community and post some needs late one night. As we curate an environment of trust we allow people into the group with leniency. Unfortunately, this time, that backfired on our member. In the middle of the night she was pounced on and attacked with some unfair and unsavory comments.

A quick audit from our overnight moderators caught the offenders right away and they were pulled from the group permanently. In the morning after hearing the story our founder called a local business phenom, Ryan Stewman who lives in Dallas, where the woman lived.

Without hesitation Ryan came to the woman and her family's aid. He doubled up on many of the needs out of the kindness of his heart and he and his assistant drove at breakneck speed to her home to deliver the items she needed and more. No, not all Intellihelp deliveries arrive in a Lamborghini but it sure was fun to watch.

Congrats to Ryan for helping out without questioning and thank you to this sweet Mom and her kids for having the strength to ask for help and helping Ryan earn his first set of Wings.

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