Once upon a time a voice inside whispered…

“You Can Change the World”?


Now more than ever. Tonight.


The world is calling for you. Ignite that voice. Step forward.



Every morning we wake up to messages from families around the nation, and in your neighborhood. People have lost their jobs. They’ve lost their homes. 


We intervene and stop them from losing their dignity.


We feed America. Intelligently. We means us and YOU.

Join today. Consistently fight hunger and food insecurity for families, singles and yes the homeless. 


A promise of a steady monthly gift makes us reliable… for them.

What we do.

  1. Provide rapid two week supplies today.

  2. We offer only nutrition and quantities that promote health.

  3. We reduce stress and anguish for the elderly, children, families and singles.

  4. We limit members to 4 deliveries and point them to long term solutions.

  5. Provide locations for emotional support networks for mental health

  6. Verify identity.


What we don’t do.

  1. Provide a lifelong dependency

  2. Judge people for mistakes

  3. Ask too many questions

  4. Give cash

  5. Provide shelter

  6. Discriminate

Over 2 million meals Delivered, over 100,000 members in the U.S. TODAY

How it works? 

Intellihelp provides a digital platform that unites Angel Givers with Angel Askers.


Through the Intellihelp APP at people in emergency need can register and instantly get their identity verified. Then they select up to 15 items in defined quantities that may feed their family for up to 2 full weeks. The foods are preselected by Intellihelp and it’s donor food companies, food banks and individual Angels for survivability and nutrition. We are not a chef’s pantry yet we are a digital connective food pantry where calories, nutrition and longevity are the priority. Our lists were created with the consultation of professional wilderness survival guides and folks reliant on back country living with a desire for a palate.


Fulfillment happens primarily two ways. The order is published on a private member Facebook page and individual donors step in and fulfill and get the order delivered. Typically through Walmart delivery, Amazon, Instacart or a local consumer curbside pick-up from a regional chain. Secondly Intellihelp internal Angel Volunteers prepare and fulfil orders with donor dollars directly or through regional food banks that can satisfy the need.


There is abundant food in America. The current problem is either the lack of income for the 20% percent of people and growing that just fell below the poverty line. This platform ties technology together to stop the emergency as fast as possible. Your participation is required for our success.


America is not an idea. It is a home. Please help us feed your neighbors. Love Delivered.

Founders Emergency Note

Hi- this is Ron Lynch- Founder of Intellihelp. I have a mission critical update.


Intellihelp is overwhelmed with asks now that Covid is resurging and the Government Financial Response is not able to match needs for families. We are currently attempting to catch up and have been contacting families for fulfillment that are weeks old. We are hearing stories of people that have not eaten in days. We have heard stories of true desperation and people that have considered suicide. You can imagine how our hearts break with yours as we listen to real tears on the phone. Please consider helping and making your gift a recurring monthly gift. Join me now please and help our country. This is our war it is inside our borders and only love can win. It is a choice. I thank you in advance for your generosity. We will be incredible stewards of your good works. I promise.

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Join Me at the Arch Angel Club and pledge $100 or more a month and we’ll send you:

Intellihelp Sweatshirt, Steel Insulated Cup, & 2 Car Stickers. (arrives in 6 weeks) 

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