Be an Angel this Holiday Season

The impact of each dollar

A $50 donation funds the platform, outreach, & operations that provides hundreds of  meals and essentials
Your participation as a donor goes further than feeding. You are enabling us to expand our network of givers and reach more families in need.

You have the power to save a life today.  Will you?

The images below are just a few of the lives touched by Intellihelp Angels.

Intellihelp is on a mission to feed and care for families during this time of crisis. 


Over 40 million Americans unexpectedly lost their jobs due to the pandemic.


Another million lost a spouse or parent to Covid-19 and the financial means to put food on the table.


People who have never had to ask for help in their lives are suddenly facing dire circumstances.


While the road to recovery will take time,  you can help someone get back on their feet with dignity today.


Fill A Belly And Fill A Heart 

What we do is simple.


Intellihelp is a digital food pantry app with near-instant fulfillment. 

We match families in need with rapid delivery of groceries and personal care products like diapers to help them survive today.


Here’s how it works: 


An “Asker” can request up to 15 items, and an “Angel Giver” (that’s you!) can directly select someone to help. 


Helping is as easy as placing a delivery order for their shopping list on Amazon, Walmart, or Instacart and making sure the Asker receives the supplies they need to take care of their family tonight.  


A household may submit up to four asks, at least fourteen days apart, during a 180-day period.

Our goal is to help people facing temporary emergencies get through the day so they can create for themselves a better tomorrow. 


So far, Intellihelp has assisted thousands of households and provided millions of meals since March 2020. 


Now we are receiving up to 250 requests a day, but we’re only able to fulfill about 30% of asks.  


Will you help us complete one “ask” and put food on a family’s table tonight?  




Spread Your Angel Wings 


When you make a donation today, you sweep in like a guardian angel and have an instant effect on a person’s life. 

You’ll immediately see your donation go to someone whose emergency ask you fulfilled.

A child will sleep tonight feeling love because of you.

A parent will have their dignity back for a shining moment that you created.


Your faith in humanity will be restored because YOU are proof that there is light in times of darkness.

Intellihelp Global Inc

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